The Gallery 286 website was launched in September 2016 and is being regularly updated with new information, images and remade pages from the previous site.

Forthcoming, current and recent exhibitions are featured on our homepage but here you can access new and updated pages directly.


1st July

Our new exhibition of sculptures by Camilla Shivarg and photographs by Kasia Wozniak is now available to preview, with images of work and details about each artist.

16th April

Details about our new exhibition, Analogue virtual worlds: Display holography at the dawn of cyberspace, are now available.

Work has been selected from the Jonathan Ross Collection by Sydney Koke.  See the artists and the range of work on show during May and June.


13th November

Our new exhibition of work by Christopher Brown will take place on 23rd November.  Images and details about the artist can be seen here.

11th August

Details of our September exhibition have just been announced.  Nicholas Moore will be showing paintings in his “Happy Up There” show.  For more details about the artist and images of work visit his exhibition page.

9th June

Details of our new exhibition Two Worlds, –  An exhibition of paintings by Anne McNeill-Pulati,  will take place 4 – 30 July 2023

16 March

Our new exhibition Real/Virtual will open in April.  It includes holograms from the 1970s-2000s, selected from the Jonathan Ross Collection by Sydney Koke.

Images, artist details and introduction texts are available on the new exhibition page.



12 October

A new exhibition of works celebrating actress Fenella Fielding will open at Gallery 286 in November.  Images of work and comments from the curators – here.

15th September

Details about our new exhibitions by artists Claudia Clare and Frances Aviva Blane are now available.  Explore their ceramics and paintings here.

11th May

A new exhibition, Shimmering Space, with work by Jessica Biggs and Daniel Shadbolt will open on June 7th.  Details and images of work can be found here.

1st March

Details of our new exhibition by Ioana Pioaru have just been added to the site. View images of work and biographic details here.


1st November

Our new exhibition Light & Line made up of work by Shelly Bancroft & Eleanor Ekserdjian will open on 11th November.  More details about the artists and their work are available here.

11th August

Details of our new group exhibition, All Kinds of Naughty have just been included with images of work and dates.

More details can be found here.

5 July

We are delighted to announce that we will be reopening on July 20th.  Come along to view Anne Russell’s exhibition Wild Rewild Repeat.

More details about open days and the Finissage can be found here.

4 July

Images of recent work by Andrew Ryder have been added to his page.  They include pieces from 2019-2021.

More details here.


14 February

A Tribute to Duggie Fields

Jonathan Ross writes about his friend and long time resident of Earl’s Court Duggie Fields.

More details here.


16 February

Installation views and images of work from the Cool Holograms have been added to the site.

14 February

A new page for Anne Russell’s exhibitions of painting, which will take place in March, has just been added to the site. More details here.

6th February

2 new exhibitions to launch our 2020 season.

Details of Cool holograms and Micro Hayhem have been announced.  Vist each of the exhibition pages here:

Cool hologramsMicro Hayhem

3rd January

A very Happy New Year!

Information about new exhibitions will start to appear here shortly.


28th November

The now famous annual Christmas show is in preparation and a new page has been added with a list of participating artists and images of their work.


30th September

Two new exhibitions have been announced.  Visit the artists’ pages for a preview of their work – Minna Stevens and  Claudia Clare

25th September

We have just added background details for the new exhibition Travels with my Friend.

30th August

We just added more images of work by Jennifer Binnie for the new exhibition Travels with my Friend, which opens on 8th October.

7th August

After the summer we return with an exhibition of works by Jennifer Binnie and Andrew Logan.  Take a look at some of the pieces which will be on display.

14th July

50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing a new exhibition will open on Tuesday 16th July.  Images and information here.

1st June

Information about James Bland’s new exhibition of paintings is now available.

2nd May

Jennie Sharman-Cox will be presenting The Solace of Objects and Graham Ward will present ‘Fisterra’

2nd April

Two artists are exhibiting in April and details of there work is now online. Roy Amiss & Colin McCallum

14th January

For our first exhibition in 2019 we welcome Beverley Mason who will be presenting a series of paintings.  You can read more about her exhibition here.


27th November

The Gallery 286 Christmas Show will be taking place again this December and a new page about the exhibition has been added to the site.  Take a look at the exhibiting artists and view examples of their work.


4th October

Roy Osborne MA will be showing painting which explore the illusions of space, during November.  A new page has just been added for Roy with background details about his work and images of some of the painting which will be on show.


23rd September

In October, Carolyn Gowdy will be showing work in her new exhibition at Gallery 286.  Images and information about her work can be seen in her new page.


15 August

Melissa Kime will be showing new work in September Images of her paintings, and information about her work, can now be seen on her new exhibition page.

1st May

Daniel Shadbolt & Jessica Biggs will ber exhibiting at Gallery 286 in a new show, Landscapes & Interiors, which opens on 10th May.  Details of the exhibiton, and images of work by each artist, are available here:   Daniel Shadbolt & Jessica Biggs.


1st March

The Unsupported Mark – Drawing with Holography is a guest curated exhibition which brings together 20 artists who have been working with the medium of creative holography for almost 40 years.  It explores the use of marks and lines, off the surface, and gives an insight into the development of the medium by artists drawn from the Jonathan Ross Holography Collection.

24th February

We have added information and images about Andrew Ryder’s new exhibition Ancient Gods – Light & Colour including exhibition dates, private views and open days.

6th January

Matt Gee’s exhibition, Lustre, will open in February.  More details and images of some of his work here.  We have also added a link to installation views of the Gallery 286 Christmas Show.


1st December

The annual Gallery 286 Christmas Show is ready to view with a wide selection of work from artists who have previously exhibited at the gallery as well as some spectacular guests.  Take a look here.  The show opens on 12th December.

13th November

Installation views of Liza Read’s exhibition, To Hell and Back, as well as Jim Webb’s garden laser installation,  are availalbe on Liza’s exhibition page, or you can use this direct link.

3rd November

We have just launched a new section on the site – the Gallery 286 ‘Shop’.  You will find it at the top of the page in the main menu or, if you are viewing on a mobile device, in the ‘three line hamburger  menu at the top right of the screen.  Our first item there is the Heavenly Twins book, published to coincide with The Lake Twins most recent exhibition at the Gallery.

6th October

The new exhibition to Hell and Back by Liza Read has just been announced.  Visit her page for images and information about the work.

1st October

Details of our next two exhibitions are now on the site with information about, and images from, both artists: Libby Lawrie and Sophy Dury.

16th August

We have updated the new Lake Twins page with images and information about their new exhibitions which opens on September 5th.

10th July

The Lake Twins will be showing at Gallery 286 during July and images of their work have just been added to the site.  More will follow during the summer.

12 May

New exhibitions by Claudia Clare and Minna Stevens have been announced and there is now a new page for each artist and the work they will be showing,

29 April

As we continue to remake some of the older pages so that they display using the same design as that used on this new site, we have just uploaded all of the exhibition pages for 2014.  Select the 2014 tab to view each of them and use the links to visit each artist page.  You can also go directly to the most recent exhibition by a particular artists by selecting their name from the Artist Page.

13 April

Installation views of Aphra Shemza & Delfin Ortiz‘s exhibition have been included on their page.

10th March

Images and information about Illuminating Geometry by Aphra Shemza & Delfin Ortiz are now included on the site.

9th March

Details of Man with a Holo Camera – Patrick Boyd’s new exhibition have been added.

14th February

Information about our next exhibition of paintings and drawings by Wilma Johnson, has just been announced.

17th January

The first exhibition for 2017 has been announced and we have a full list of all of the other exhibitions during the year.

1st January

Happy New Year! We have added links, on our homepage, to all of our 2016 exhibitions for you to explore.



Take a look at the installation views of our Christmas show.

1st December

Our homepage now features the spectacular Gallery 286 Christmas show and we have updated our list of 2016 exhibitions.

9th November

The Gallery 286 Christmas show has just been announced – take a look at the exhibiting artists.

30th October

Links to our November exhibitions have been added for Ferha Farooqui and Claudia Clare.

23rd October

A link to installation views of Mark Fry’s current exhibition has been added to his page.

16th October

We added a new portrait of Camilla Shivarg to her page.

1st October

New exhibition pages have been added for forthcoming shows by Ferha Farooqui and Claudia Clare.

We have also added detailed gallery plans for both our upper and lower galleries.


16th September

The new site was launched with information about the next exhibition by Mark Fry and details of previous exhibitions from 2016 and 2015.

We also added a link to Mark’s exhibition catalogue, which you can view online or download.