Libby Rainbow 2004

October 10 – 31 2017




Private views:
Tuesday October 10th 6.30 – 8.30pm
Thursday October 12th  6.30 – 8.30pm
Sunday October 15th  12.00 – 3.00pm

Open Days:
Every Wednesday 12.00 – 6.00pm

Viewing by appointment at other times.

For further information contact Jonathan Ross: Phone 07747 807576

”Come, see
real flowers
of this painful world”
Basho – Japanese poet 1644-1694

I have been making heads since 1984.
This Exhibition is a collection of my work made over the last 13 years.
Libby Lawrie came to my Studio every Tuesday for 10 years.
These are Portraits, Sculpted and in Relief, of Friends and Women who have deeply Influenced, Supported and Inspired my life.

”If I could say with Words what my Dances express, I wouldn’t have a reason to Dance”
Mary Wigman – German Expressionist Dancer 1886-1973



Daughter of Joe Tilson and Joslyn Morton
Sister of Jake Tilson and Anna Tilson
Wife and Widow of Ian Dury
Mother of Bill Dury and Albert Dury

Born: 1965, Kensington, London
Grew up: Christian Malford, Near Chippenham, Wiltshire
Studied Sculpture:
Simon Verity, Rodbourne, Wiltshire
Swindon College of Art
Chelsea School of Art
The  Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence
The Royal College of Art

Currently lives, and works in her studio in Hampstead, London



‘Libby Lawrie’ –  Many of the pieces are of Libby Lawrie who came to my Studio every Tuesday for 10 years.
‘Fellini Faces’ –   This group of Small Heads are from photographs of Women, sent to and collected by Fellini as potential ‘Faces’ for his films.
‘Women’ – These reliefs are sculpted from images of women who have influenced my life profoundly.
‘Working from Life’ – all pieces are worked from life, apart from ‘Fellini Faces’ and ‘ Women’.

Image titles

Main page image: Libby rainbow 2004

Self Portrait, 2012

Anna Magnani 2017

Giulietta Masiina 2017

Libby II 2012

Lena at 93 200

Libby Leopard 2008

Natasha Ellen Hussey 2010

Self Portrait, 2012