6th – 30th November 2007


New Works


Private views were held on:
Tuesday November 6th, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Thursday November 8th, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Sunday November 11th, 12.00 – 3.00pm

Viewing by appointment at other times.

For further information contact Jonathan Ross: Phone 07747 807576
or jross@gallery286.com

Installation views

“The analysis of complex things into less complex constituents is inherent in the modern movement. Three discernible strands, translation, derivation and explanation, have all in turn persuaded directions for my painting.”

List of work in the exhibition
Abbey Road oil on canvas 14″x16″ £950
After Vouet 2005 oil on canvas 20″x24″ £1300
Beach, Culatra 2005 oil on board 6″x14″ £400
Bottle and Glass 2007 oil on canvas 20”x16” £1750
El Botanico, Sanlucar de Barrameda 2007 oil on canvas 12″ diameter £600
Foundation Student 2005 oil on hardboard 12″x10″ £1100
Hammersmith Bridge VII oil on board 7″x13″ £400
Hydra Afternoon 2005 oil on canvas 25″x20″ £1300
Landscape with Figures oil on canvas 20″x44″ £1300
Looking at Dahlias 2007 oil on board 17″x20″ £900
Maurice’s Rosebowl oil on canvas 20″x16″ £1200
Nudes oil on board 8″x12″ £600
Trees in sunlight, Quelfes 2006 oil on canvas 14″x18″ £800
Orange Roses 2006 oil on canvas 30″x24″ £1750
Over the Hedge 2007 oil on board 6″x24″ £600
Path between two Ponds oil on canvas 20″x24″ £1200
Richmond Bridge Bather 2007 oil on canvas 20″x24″ £1300
Rilke walking in the Alameda, Ronda 2007 oil on canvas 9″x13″ £800
Ruth amid the alien corn 2005 oil on canvas 14”x18” £1000
Sarah on Television in Chicago 2006 oil on canvas 24″x30″ £1750
Snowdrops and Helibore oil on canvas 14″x11″ £750
Snowdrops for Snowdrop 2007 oil on board 15”x29” £1100
Still Life with 10 Woodbines 2005 oil on board 12″x15″ £700
The Alameda, Ronda 2007 oil on canvas 9″x13″ £800
The Bike Shed 2007 oil on canvas 10″x12″ £700
The Bullfight 2001 oil on canvas 40″x50″ £2750
The Day after the Bullfight 2005 oil on canvas 12″x16″ £750
The Groyne 2007 oil on canvas 16″x20″ £1200
The Island of Culatra 2007 oil on wood 7.5″x12″ £400
The Isle of Wight from Mudeford 2007 oil on board 6”x10” £450
The Italian Garden III 2006 oil on board 12″x18″ £700
The Miraculous Draught of Fishes 2007 oil on board 15”x30” £900
The Night of the Orange Harvest 2006 oil on canvas 24″x30″ £2150
The Red Jacket 2006 oil on canvas 30″x24″ £1750
Vegetable garden in the shadow of a mountain 2007 oil on canvas 20”x24” £2000
Viaduct pond, Hampstead 2005 oil on canvas 24”x30” £1200
View of the Serpentine IV 2007 oil on canvas 12”x24” £1100
Yellow flower and rose bowl 2006 oil on canvas 18”x22” £1200
Up the mountain 2007 oil on canvas over board 9”x 4.5” £400
Culatra (dusk) 2005 oil on canvas laid on board 8”x 5” £400
A dislike of cats 1995 oil on canvas 28”x 20” £1,200
Olaya resting 2002 oil on canvas 48”x36” £1,800

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